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What term and miles per year  works best for you?  

24 -60 month terms available and miles per year can be adjusted to work for you.

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You only pay the difference between the price of the vehicle and what the bank think its worth at the end of your term. 


History of Leasing

Auto Leasing has been around for many years.  Initially it was used primarily for commercial vehicles for companies.  Companies used leasing to control their expenses since they knew upfront what it was going to cost them to operate the vehicle.  In addition leasing provided companies generous tax write offs as they use the vehicle.  In the late 80’s and early 90’s as prices of cars and trucks increased traditional banks and finance companies looked at leasing as a way to give customers a more affordable payment  and at the same time  help banks control their losses when the vehicle is re-sold as a pre-owned vehicle.  In general they found out that many people that lease maintain their vehicle better over the term of the lease.  This is also why Pre-Owned Leasing can be a great alternative to leasing a new vehicle.  Most manufacturers keep a similar body style of a car for 4-6 years before doing an aggressive change/upgrade.  Therefore you can lease “new looking” vehicles with  generally much less money down  and experience less payments than a new one.  The best part…you are really the only one who knows that it is used.  🙂  Drive the vehicle you really want for payments you can afford. 903-733-0088

How Does Leasing Work For Me?

Simply stated, When you decide to lease a new or pre-owned vehicle the bank decides what they  think that the vehicle will be worth at the end of the term of the lease.  Banks and Finance companies track the data of  pre-owned vehicles sold at dealerships, auctions public websites etc and come up with an amount that the vehicle will depreciate over the term of your lease.  What you pay is the difference between the selling price and the amount of money that the vehicle depreciates over the term of the lease.  In addition you will pay tax, title and license and a lease service fee (commonly called a money factor or lease rate similar to interest on a traditional loan) 903-733-0088

What Are the Advantages Of a Pre-Owned Lease?

As mentioned  the large part of your payment is based on the depreciation of the vehicle.  The old  adage of “You lose money on a New Car as soon as you drive off the lot” now actually works in your favor!  A titled pre-owned vehicle like a 2019 pre-owned vehicle can be bought much cheaper than a new one since it has depreciated.  Therefore the amount of depreciation you will pay on (the selling price minus what it will be worth in a few years) is much less so your payments are less.  This allows you to drive the car you want at more affordable payments. 903-733-0088

New Vehicle Lease Payments On TV

I’m glad you asked..  Oftentimes you see on TV and online low payments on expensive cars.  With that said “PLEASE READ THE FINE PRINT”.  Most New Vehicle Leases need a large down payment ($3,000 or more) + your tax title and license along with additional fees to get to that payment.  This can total 5 -7 thousand dollars down or more. In addition most of the New Vehicle Leases are “low mileage” leases and are based on driving only 10,500 miles or less per year.  You pay more per month if you want more miles per year.  The average miles driven in America is @ 15,0000 miles a year.  Lease A Pre-Owned payments are usually calculated with $1,500 total down and are based on 15,000 miles driven per year and can be adjusted for more mileage per year if needed.  903-733-0088


  All Lease Payments are Subject to Financial  Approval.  All Lease Payments are based on 15,000 miles per year.  Additional Miles per year will lower the residual therefore payments will be higher.  Residuals vary based on type vehicle, miles at origination and year of vehicle.  Not all pre-owned vehicles are available for lease. Please call or email for details.  Payments are calculated with customer paying first payment upfront in addition to down payment.  Down payment and first payment may be able to be included in Lease deal however each transaction is an individual transaction and subject to prior approval.  Some additional restrictions may apply.  Please call or email for details. 903-733-0088